За нас


The basis of the iconography is the incarnation and so the main role of the icon is to be a window into the immaterial world and to proclaim the wonder and mystery of Jesus Christ, Theotokos and the Saints.


We create Ceramic Orthodox Icons which are unique not only because they are made for special people and on a special occasion, but also because they are very individual in their message and symbolism.

Our Ceramic Orthodox Icons not only follow the basic principle of the Christian iconography, they also represent the empirical sense of the artist who depicts them. 



Ceramics has been used for many centuries as a staple material in people’s life and religious beliefs. We chose ceramics for our icons, because of its symbolism: the earth or the clay of which our icons are made, symbolizes the foundation, the origin and the endurance; the fire through which they go, symbolizes the energy, the power and the light.


The power of each individual icon depends in which hands it is and how strong their belief is.